Polaris Early


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Polaris Early 💜 An ode to our smallest ones.

44% Cotton, 38% Merino wool, 16% Cashmere, approx 310gr/m2

On November 17 during World Prematurity Day, many buildings and sights across the world will color purple to raise awareness for preterm birth and to symbolize hope for a healthy start for more babies.

We’ve colored Polaris Early purple in honor of these little hero’s, their families and everyone who has to deal with the consequences of preterm birth.

A strong wrap, due to the weight and density, but oh so soft as it is made with the finest cashmere and superfine Merino wool. A warm and blankety wrap. Perfect to keep your little one comfy while looking fabulous on colder days. Suitable for all experience levels.

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Size 4 €239, Size 5 €249, Size 6 €259, Size 7 €269

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