The Story

Established in 2014, PinkNova was founded to share our love for babywearing. We are two moms, both babywearing out of love and often also necessity. We were looking for babywraps that would fit our style, and the best style is always the one you create yourself.

We started with fashionable designs and accruing the best possible team of professionals to work with. After a challenging start-up and testing period, PinkNova was born.

Our first wraps came on the market in 2015 and were instantly popular. Our limited editions make it possible to surprise you every time with new designs and blends. By experimenting with new exotic fibres such as Banana- and Lotus Flower we are able to offer a broad range of interesting blends to the babywearing world.

Craftmanship in Detail

Creating your exclusive babywrap is an intense process. After initial design and sourcing fabric, our babywraps are made possible by combining a professional team of the finest yarn suppliers with highly skilled sewers, and woven in a high-quality Jacquard weaving mill.

We produce locally, which means we can monitor every step of the way to ensure the creation of your perfect babywrap.

Only the best yarns are good enough for us. A few selected premium yarn suppliers from Italy, Switzerland, Peru and The Netherlands produce the best cottons, linens, wools, silk and other exotic fibres to blend it with the cotton warp we use. All animal fibres are obtained under the best circumstances to ensure animal welfare. All dyed yarns have the OekoTex certification to ensure a safe dyeing process with respect for the environment.

After the fabric is woven the sewers make our wraps by hand. Cutting, measuring, hemming and keeping check on quality control; until it is a perfectly finished babywrap ready to be sent to you.

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