Preloved Terms and conditions

Pinknova Preloved

PinkNova Preloved is a unique concept where we give you the opportunity to trade your preloved wrap for a new PinkNova wrap.

And if you are curious about PinkNova or you just want to try all the wraps, our Preloved Collection is a perfect way to get a beautiful wrap, all checked, clean and freshly packed at an awesome price.

How does it work?

  • You complete the form on our website with all the details of the wrap you would like to trade in.
  • The wrap is washed before you send it to PinkNova HQ. Please use a safe detergent.
  • You need to add a returnlabel in the box in case we do not come to an agreement. In case there is no return label, you will be invoiced for the return shipment. The wrap will stay with us until the invoice is paid.
  • We will value your wrap and you will receive an offer per email from us on the trade value. This offer is not negotiable. If you agree to our offer, you can reply to the email with your confirmation. When you have confirmed your agreement to our offer, the wrap is PinkNova’s property. This offer and credit is personal and we can not pass along this credit to others.
  • Your credit is valid for six months after your preloved is delivered on HQ.
  • The trade value will be deducted from your next purchase (custom orders and pre orders are also included). If you want to order a wrap, please email us (, so we can trade your credit when you purchase.
  •  The price we sell your preloved wrap for is upon PinkNova’s discretion.
  • The preloved wraps offered in the Preloved store come with a full description of and condition of the wrap. The prices include VAT, but exclude shipping.
  • If you want to return your wrap, bought with credit from your preloved trade, you will only be refunded the amount you have paid in addition to your credit. Your credit will be re-installed and can be used for an other purchase.